December 4, 2012

Anegada is unique in the Virgin Islands. It lies out on its own, fifteen miles away from the cluster of volcanic islands that form the main archipelago. It was formed over millions of years from tiny colonial organisms that build the coral reefs. Its highest point is only 28 ft above sea level and for this it has earned its name as the drowned island.

Horse Shoe Reef, one of the largest in the Caribbean, encircles the island and protects the miles of white sand beaches from the sea during fierce summer storms. The reef is one of the most pristine in the Caribbean, teeming with life, the most well known is the Spiny Lobster, which are here in abundance.

Although Anegada is the second largest island in the British Virgin Islands it is one of the least populated. Most of these people live in The Settlement, however visiting yachts anchor at Setting Point a few miles to the west. Here there are a number of beach front lobster shacks, which are the best place to spend an evening sampling the catch of the day, meeting the locals and dancing after.

Inland there are number of large natural salt ponds, home to many creatures, the most impressive is the Caribbean Pink Flamingo. The Flamingos were hunted for feathers and food up until 1950, when they disappeared from the island, they have since been reintroduces and are increasing in numbers every year. Anegada is also home to the Anegada Ground Iguana, it is critically endangered numbering no more than 300 animals. Visitors can go and see this rare creature at the Iguana sanctuary where they are being hatched, reared and released as part of a conservation effort.

A trip to Anegada on Katlo is a bit like a trip back in time to the old Caribbean.

Slow down, relax and you are sure to love it here.

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