BVI Full Moon Parties, 2017 Update

BVI Full Moon Parties, 2017 Update

January 23, 2015
 Full moon parties in the BVI are spectacular fêtes where there is something for everyone. Island music, dancing, local cuisine, and general revelry sometimes mixed with art, shopping, and heavy partying make these beachside festivals ripe for entertainment of all your senses. The people watching alone is worth attending. Explaining such a phenomenon as a full moon party makes words seem useless, so this video shot by Rick Moore, popular BVI videographer and captain of Sophisticated Lady, will show you. Tip: While Rick is charming, you may want to skip his intro and go to 1:40 if you only want to see some sights and sounds of the Trellis Bay event.


[UPDATE October 3, 2016: See 2017 party dates at bottom of this article.]

History of BVI Full Moon Parties

Bomba, a local surfer, sold sandwiches and drinks to other surfers on the beach. Eventually he had a little shack to run his bar from, Bomba Surfside Shack. In 1989, the (now) infamous Bomba held the first full moon party. Locals and visitors flocked to these events and a tradition took hold. Like most successful entrepreneurial ideas, the full moon party has been copied by others in the islands, but the biggest full moon event in the BVI happens at Bomba’s.

Are Full Moon Parties Family-Friendly?

Well, yes and no. Bomba’s is very large and crowded and starts late in the evening so partyers tend to already be primed well making it a bit raunchy by most families’ tastes. The other BVI full moon beach parties might prove more appropriate for those with children or those who are easily offended. Your captain or local BVI host can guide you as well as the descriptions below of each party. While you may experience “inappropriate” behavior at any of the parties especially as the evening wears on, none of the events are dangerous and many families will join in the fun at each of the parties.

BVI Full Moon Parties

Bomba Shack Full Moon Party

Where: Cappoon’s Bay, West End, Tortola (many will say Apple Bay which is adjacent in the same expansive body of water)
Time: 9 p.m.
Talk to Them: (284) 495-4148

bomba surfside shack tortola is the site of the most popular full moon partyThis beach bar located near Tortola’s West End is a mecca for surfers during the day and home to nightly partiers. The beach shack, rebuilt after many hurricanes using whatever washed up with the tide, is deliciously tattered and graffiti-covered. If you have tween-age kids with you, they are sure to giggle at the elephant-sized underwear that adorns the shack. Considered by islands and visitors to be the biggest and best, it is a colossal gathering in the shack spilling out into the street in front. This party starts late so revelers are usually already in a festive mood. Local island music with lots of Reggae, dancing, as well as abundant people watching are the attractions. Bomba himself remains the proprietor and chief mixologist for the infamous Midnight Tea served at the stroke of midnight at his full moon parties. The tea’s psilocybin mushroom ingredient may or may not be legal by BVI law, but it is hallucinogenic making for a distinctive difference from other BVI full moon parties. The later the party, the rowdier, so families and others less inclined to enjoy raucous behavior should probably come for the first hour or so or choose another full moon party.

Trellis Bay Fire Ball Full Moon Party

Where: Trellis Bay Kitchen and Cyber Café on Beef Island, a few hundred feet off the east cost of Tortola connected via Queen Elizabeth II Bridge
Time: 8 p.m.
Talk to Them: (284) 495-1849

This popular full moon party venue is at the opposite end of Tortola from Bomba Shack. It is right next to the Beef Island Airport, the only airport serving Tortola so there are abundant water taxis and boat travel making the party convenient for visitors. The Trellis Bay Fire Ball Full Moon Party, organized by Aragorn Studios, happens on the beach punctuated by infernos encased in sculptures called Fire Balls (play video to see them in action)  making the entire beach a well-lit party place. At midnight, a gigantic FireBall is set ablaze right in the bay. The Fire Balls sculpture and water-side events make the party almost as fun relaxing and watching from your moored boat. Brightly costumed stilt-walking Moko Jumbi dancers tower over the crowd as they dance to steel drums and Reggae and calypso sounds. Fire twirlers amaze the crowd with their poi shows. A Caribbean buffet, arts and crafts vendors on the beach, and the nearby Aragorn Studios, the Fire Ball sculptor, ensure that all ages will enjoy this spectacle. As with any alcohol-laced event, the longer it goes, the more likely it is to lose its family-friendly atmosphere.

2017 Fire Ball Party Dates (confirmed by organizer):

January 12, February 10, March 12, April 11, May 10, June 9, July 9, August 7, September 6, October 5, November 4, December 3

2018 Fire Ball Party Dates (confirmed by organizer):

January 31, March 1, March 31, April 29, May 29, June 28, July 27, August 26, September 24, October 24, November 23, December 22

Paradise Club Full Moon Party

Where: Paradise Club Sports Bar and Grille on Cane Garden Bay, Tortola
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Talk to Them: (284) 340-4049

paradise club full moon party on tortola is rapidly becoming very popularIf you like variety and especially if you have been to the Bomba and Trellis Bay parties, the Paradise Club Full Moon Party is for you. Since May 2014, each month has brought a different theme like Vintage Carnival, Neon Paint and Glow, and Ugly Hat. Follow Paradise Club Events on Facebook to discover future themes. While each event’s main attraction changes due to the change in themes, there’s always great bands or popular disc-spinning DJs, great food, and sports bar games galore. Past events have featured fire juggling, carnival attractions, and dancers. The early start provides a more family-friendly environment.

Foxy’s Taboo Full Moon Barefoot Bacchanal

Where: Foxy’s Taboo Restaurant and Bar, Diamond Cay on the eastern end of Jost Van Dyke
Talk to Them: (284) 495-9258, (284)544-9540, or (284)543-0479

foxy's taboo full moon barefoot bacchanal is a new full moon party for 2015

The BVI full moon party concept continues to expand from its origin on Tortola as the newest lunar celebration will start what promises to be a new tradition at Foxy’s Taboo, the sister restaurant to the infamous Foxy’s Tamarind Bar. The inaugural Full Moon Barefoot Bacchanal was on February 3, 2015. Watch Foxy Taboo’s webpage for info about future Full Moon Parties at Foxy’s. Time will tell if this new tradition catches on, but if boaters and sailors’ devotion to its “Mediterranean fare with flair” is any indication, it will be a success. There is also shopping at Taboo-tique and easy access to the beach.

CocoMaya Full Moon Party (likely discontinued)

Where: CocoMaya Restaurant, southwest of Spanish Town on the southern peninsula of Virgin Gorda
Time: 9:30 p.m.
Talk to Them: (284) 495-6344

cocomaya full moon party is on virgin gordaThis party is an excellent option if you are on Virgin Gorda instead of Tortola the night of a full moon. Themes change monthly with plenty of live entertainment. Past themes have included Wet & Wild (think water guns), Toga, Country, and Crazy Hair. Check for upcoming events on Paradise Club’s blog especially since the full moon parties have not been held during the winter season of 2014-15. Hopefully they will return to this unique exotic Balinese style restaurant that offers a casual elegance, fine dining specializing in Latin and Asian fusion, and a variety of options for seating from a well-furnished dining room to intimate dining to beach dining, even lounging by a firepit. This party has a late start but the restaurant’s sophisticated, relaxing environment is more family-friendly than any beach bar.

Full Moon Dates for 2017:

IMPORTANT: Check with individual party organizers above for exact party dates as they are not always on the full moon evening. Contact info is included above.

[UPDATE, April 18, 2017] 

Thursday, January 12th
Friday, February 10th
Sunday, March 12th
Tuesday, April 11th
Wednesday, May 10th
Friday, June 9th
Saturday, July 8th
Monday, August 7th
Wednesday, September 6th
Thursday, October 5th
Saturday, November 4th
Sunday, December 3rd


Full Moon Dates for 2018:

IMPORTANT: Check with individual party organizers above for exact party dates as they are not always on the full moon evening. Contact info is included above.

[UPDATE, April 18, 2017] 

Wednesday, January 31st
Thursday, March 1st
Saturday, March 31st
Sunday, April 29th
Tuesday, May 29th
Thursday, June 28th
Friday, July 19th
Sunday, August 26th
Monday, September 24th
Wednesday, October 24th
Friday, November 23rd
Saturday, December 22nd

Have you partaken of the full moon celebrations in the BVI? What’s your favorite?

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