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Image representing honeymoon on Private Yacht Charter Caribbean Katlo’s all-inclusive honeymoon Caribbean yacht charter is romantic. The British Virgin Islands supply beautiful pristine beaches, remote islands, and soothing sea breezes. You select where you want to go and what you want to do on your private yacht charter. Then all that is left is to enjoy each other as a couple. Whether you and your love are hoping for a relaxing, breezy sailing vacation or for exciting water activities and local nightlife, your experienced Katlo crew will customize your Caribbean honeymoon just as you dream it.

Not married yet? Captain George is an ordained minister so  you may arrange a wedding ceremony ashore or aboard Katlo.

An All-Inclusive Honeymoon Caribbean Style

Caribbean style is about freedom and relaxation, and that is what you and your betrothed will find with Katlo. Freedom of choice in all aspects of your honeymoon vacation. Looking for spontaneity? Visit a new exotic locale in the BVI’s tropical island paradise every day on your private yacht charter Caribbean style. Longing to just chill? Secluded beaches await you for lazy afternoons. Longing to learn more about each other as a couple as you learn about the world around you? Rain forests and historical sites beckon to be explored. Ready to party? Local characters invite you to join in the party and share piña coladas or the Islands’ own secret-recipe Pain Killer.
Whatever your pleasure, your all-inclusive Caribbean honeymoon onboard your yacht charter on Katlo will deliver.

Your Honeymoon on a Private Caribbean Yacht Charter

Image representing all inclusive honeymoon caribbean beach walkWhile onboard, you will enjoy your choice of gourmet meals and tantalizing cocktails. Katlo’s queen-size cabins are luxuriously appointed to be comfortable and inviting. The diversity of the British Virgin Islands, all 65+ of them, is at your disposal. And, of course, our hospitable crew will spoil you both with their discerning abilities of knowing when to appear and when to disappear!

Leave the aisle to join us in the Isles! Katlo and the BVIs are the backdrop for an unforgettable honeymoon. Contact us to let us know what activities and memories you would like to include in your all-inclusive honeymoon in the Caribbean. The Katlo crew waits to hear from you.