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Image representing a enjoying a tropical drink in tortola bvisChef Cathy will meet your culinary preferences on your Caribbean charter with Katlo. Her gourmet meals satisfy when the salty BVI sea breezes and fun activities of your day build your appetite for something delicious. Chef Cathy will offer you an amazing array of dishes. Her gourmet skills combined with her natural excitement for creating tantalizing meals, snacks, and cocktails throughout your stay will be a series of memorable meals.

Indulge Your Senses

Image representing personalized caribbean gourmet food aboard katlo chartersEvery sailing vacation aboard your private yacht charter, Katlo, offers gourmet delights full of complex and exotic tastes from around the world, all with Caribbean flair. After booking your charter with Katlo, you may detail your preferences and dietary needs. Our chef will customize your epicurean experience with a menu just for you. Chef Cathy delights in creating delicious (shhh…they are also healthy) meals using the freshest ingredients to satisfy tastes for everyone in your charter party. Aboard Katlo, you will receive a truly personalized Caribbean gourmet experience.

Katlo Charters Sample Menu


Crème-Brûlée French Toast drizzled with warm Vermont maple syrup and served with crisp applewood smoked bacon

Poached eggs on freshly baked biscuits with Hollandaise sauce

Baked Frittata with fresh spinach, sundried tomatoes, cheese, and rosemary

All breakfasts served with a seasonal fruit platter, a chilled yogurt assortment, toast, and a selection of jams, fruit juices, and freshly brewed coffee or tea.


Balsamic-glazed Mahi Mahi Niçoise Salad

West Indian chicken or veggie Roti accompanied by a salad of spinach, mint, and toasted pine nuts

Arugula salad with shrimp, avocado, and grapefruit with lime and honey dressing


Enjoy the BVI sunset onboard Katlo with a local rum or international tropical concoction – Piña Colada, Fruit Daiquiri, Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Cuba Libre, Martini, Margarita, Ti Punch, or your favorite

Cocktails are accompanied with canapés or nibbles


Bacon-stuffed mushrooms in white wine sauce

Nacho chips with Fresh Mango salsa

Traditional Black Bean Soup with warm crusty bread

Main Course

Beef tenderloin with mustard sauce, maple-syrup sweet potato mash, accompanied by asparagus and bell pepper stir-fry

Caribbean BBQ jerk chicken in a tamarind sauce, coconut jasmine rice served with cucumber salad in a sesame oil, lime, and ginger dressing

Pan-fried cod served with creamed spinach and oven-baked plantains


Espresso chocolate mousse topped with orange mascarpone whipped cream

Fresh strawberries lightly peppered served in a vodka sauce, with vanilla ice cream

Strawberry and pistachio tiramisu with a red berry coulis

Venture Ashore for More Local Delights

While every meal and snack is included in your yacht charter, you may want to venture ashore for more local dishes and Caribbean ambiance. The captain and chef can recommend restaurants for you no matter what island you find yourself on…that is, if the island has restaurants. After all, the BVIs are secluded and many are not inhabited. If you are lucky, one of the BVI festivals may be happening like the Anegada Lobster Festival in late November.

Book your Caribbean charter today to enjoy these amazing epicurean creations!

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