‘Life without music, I cannot!’

‘Life without music, I cannot!’

December 27, 2012

Let me guess, your image of the Caribbean is sailing into a gorgeous bay with azure pristine waters, palm tree shadows massaging the sand while the sun disappears in the horizon, a tropical fruit cocktail in your hands and, of course, reggae tunes glowing up the entire atmosphere and giving you that kick of joy where your feet start moving and your body looses up to forget all you thought it was important and let yourself go!

Yes, this is what the islanders call the Caribbean vibes and what usually happens at Cane Garden Bay, a popular anchorage on the north of Tortola where locals and tourists mingle with the same purpose – to listen and dance to Quito’s reggae with a twist of groove dance and Caribbean hits.

Quito Rhymer is the best musician and songwriter that I know in Tortola. He has made his voice heard sharing his emotions and experiences about love, his community and concerns about the world for 20 years. 

Both solo, in an intimate acoustic evening, or along with the EDGE, his 5 member band, he sings from his heart making everybody’s feel the Caribbean vibe and wanting to be back! 

Being part of a place while you are on vacation involves being part of their culture, and so their music. As the legend of reggae, Steel Pulse, cries in one of his hits “Life without music, I cannot!”.

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