Sailing Vacation Views: Rainbows, Dolphins, and Flamingos, Oh My!

Sailing Vacation Views: Rainbows, Dolphins, and Flamingos, Oh My!

December 4, 2013

What a spectacular sailing vacation week! Our crew and BVI yacht charter guests experienced the very best that nature has to offer. After a rainbow gleamed overhead while we visited Anegada, we seemed to have a lucky charm on board, to say the least. Perhaps it was the combination of a rainbow during a full moon?

Full Moon Party at Trellis Bay

Our sailing party attended a glorious Full Moon party at Trellis Bay (Beef Island) watching the Fireballs and Burning Metal Man while dancing with the Mocko Jumbies. Don’t know what Mocko Jumbies are? Check out the video below. This is a spectacle not to be missed if you are lucky enough to visit the BVIs at the right time.

image representing Mother Dolphin and Baby at Great Caminoe BVIDolphins at Great Camanoe

The next morning, we awoke at our anchorage in Lee Bay of Great Camanoe. We were blessed the whole morning watching a mother dolphin teaching her new baby how to swim round and round the boat.


image representing Flamings Spotted at Necker Spit in the BVIsFlamingos at Necker Spit

Later in the week, a visit to Necker Spit gave an amazing surprise when we found 4 pink flamingos strolling around the sandy spit sunning themselves. Our charter guests were able to get within 20 feet of the flamingos who did not mind them being there at all. Quite a lucky day.

Fresh Fish for the BBQ

Our charter guests had a keen interest in fishing and especially to catch a fish for the BBQ or Sushi. So with our lucky-nature charm, we managed to hookup a 10-lb. “Bonito” or “Skipjack Tuna”. Usually, it is a very bloody fish, but if you cut out all the red parts of the meat you end up with great tuna steaks. These were grilled right away on the BBQ and served with Garlic Lime Butter. Yum!!

image representing Skip Jack Caught on Katlo Yacht Charter From hook to the dinner plate! image representing Bonito or Skipjack Tuna from the BBQ with Lime Garlic Sauce

The Sun Sets on This Sailing Vacation

The last day of this charmed sailing vacation was spent at the famous Soggy Dollar Bar followed by a Champagne Dinner birthday celebration on board. The sunset at White Bay, Jost Van Dyke, was amazing that evening!

image representing Sailing Vacation Sunset at White Bay Jost Van Dyke BVI

A great end to a perfect vacation.

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