Surf and Sail the British Virgin Islands

Surf and Sail the British Virgin Islands

January 4, 2013

Hawaii, Tahiti, Australia, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, South Africa, Peru, Costa Rica, the British Virgin Islands. Some of the best surf vacation spots in the world…hold on a minute, the BVI? Well if you are looking for 10ft barrelling waves every day maybe not, but in the winter months there is a fairly consistent north swell hitting the north shore of Tortola. Winter storms regularly spinning off the east coast of the US create a swell that reaches Tortola at a height of 4 – 7ft and sometimes more. This swell is enough to create a world class right at Cane Garden Bay, The wave starts at the point and after peeling smoothly along the shore for about 300 yards it reaches the corner and moves out and away from shore until it dies in deeper water. Hollow barrels here are not uncommon.

In between the storm swells there is a low 1 – 3ft swell coming from the north on most days, masked at sea by the wind waves of the trade winds, this swell creates a very regular waist to chest high break at Josiah’s Bay. Here you have fun waves with a sandy sea bed. Apple bay is another popular surf spot with an A-frame reef offering a faster left and slower reliable right. With deep channels at the end of both left and right breaks, paddling back out is a breeze. On good days the break is in deep enough water that hitting the old worn down reef is very unlikely. On a day with light east to south east winds and 3 ft or higher swell, Apple Bay is pure joy.

For advanced and expert surfers there are few places that can match Anegada on a good day. Picture a perfect 10 -15ft face with no one else in sight. West End and Loblolly Bay are no secret, but Anegada is so far off the beaten track that you will almost always have these great waves to yourself.

These are just few of the breaks in the BVI. There are a lot more of which many are local secrets. Have a look at to see how the number of BVI surf spots compare to the rest of the Caribbean and you will see that we outnumber or match closely any other island. Most people think of Puerto Rico for a Caribbean surf vacation but the British Virgin Islands offer just as much variety with a laid back atmosphere on the water. Forget about jostling for position and aggressive surfing here, courtesy and fun is what it is all about. On board Katlo you can reach any surf spot by boat and Captain Patrick will find the right break for the conditions of the day and for your ability. He may even show you some quiet secret spots if your experienced enough to handle it.

Surf and sail the Caribbean on a luxury catamaran, can you think of a better vacation?

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